Braised Goat

Braised Goat in Barolo with truffled polenta.



Braised goat: 
4kg of grain fed blade, cut into dice

4L of Barolo wine (or similar)

3 onions  rough chop

200ml red wine vinegar

3 carrots rough chop

3 celery rough chop

1 bulb of garlic peeled

proscuitto fat or some other fat

5 whole tomatoes

2L of reduced beef stock

bouquet garni

20 crushed whole peppercorns

Truffled polenta:
100g of polenta

450ml of water

120g of butter

50ml of olive oil

100g of parmesan grated



Marinate the goat in the red wine and aromatics for 24 hr coat the beef in flour and fry to achieve good rich brown color.

Sweat the veg in separate pan and add to the meat. Cover with the marinate and cook for about 1 hr, must be soft but keep its shape.

Take the meat out and reduce the sauce add the veal stock and reduce again. Strain and finish with small veg and bacon.

Serve with truffled polenta.