Braciole with Salmoriglio

The ultimate braciole recipe passed down from my Mamma (and her Mamma and her Mamma!).

There is only one meat for the real braciole, and it's a very lean cutlet of beef tenderized by a few thousand smashes from a heavy meat pounder. Heaven!

The greatness of the braciole lies in its fillings. You'll find all sorts of people recommending that you put all sorts of junk inside your braciole. Disregard them.


100g per piece of tenderloin pounded thin able to roll

100g Pine Nuts

100g Dark Seedless Small Raisins

100g Mozzarella and even better if you can get your hands on the smoked types as well.

100g Prosciutto

100g Bread Crumbs and Parmesan grated

100ml garlic oil

Chopped Parsley, Salt & Pepper



You can either go Rustic or Urban with your braciole filling. Rustic takes the ingredients and stuffs them into the braciole as is. Urban puts the filling ingredients through a food processor until they're the consistency of a chunky pesto. I'm a Rustic man myself, but I won't turn down an Urban braciola either!

Apply your filling to one side of the pounded beef cutlet, roll it up very tightly and now secure it. you can tie them or skewer them with a well used stainless steal skewer.