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Giuseppe’s Cooking School
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The best Italian food is served in the home, but you don’t need to be Italian to cook it. It’s been a long time coming, but Joseph Vargetto – dubbed Joe in school because Giuseppe was too hard to pronounce – is thrilled to reclaim his name with the launch of his eponymous cooking school, Giuseppe’s, with thanks to V-ZUG Swiss and sustainable kitchen appliances.

Launching July 2020, Mister Bianco’s back room has been transformed into a fantastic space that will spill the secrets of Sicilian kitchens, from mastering basics like fresh pasta and risotto, through to seafood masterclasses that share Sicily’s history along the Spice Route. Cooking Class Quickies are also in the works, where participants will be able to learn how to make something new in the hours between school drop off and pick up.

To discover what makes Sicilian cooking different, click the button below to view our upcoming classes and to book. For any questions or for further information email info@misterbianco.com.au.

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